Snowboard Skateboard Mural

Snowboard Skateboard Mural-Room Wall Design-Monica Yepes NYC-Children Muralist New York
Snowboard Skateboard Room Wall Design

Monica (Blu) Yepes – Jupiter, Florida

Snowboard Skateboard Room Wall Design - Monica Yepes NYC
Snowboard Skateboard Room Wall Design – Painting Process
Snowboard Skateboard Room Wall Design - Monica Yepes NYC
Snowboard Skateboard Room Wall Design – Final Painting
Snowboard Skateboard Mural – Music and Sports Mural

Monica has focused on the endless possibilities to create for babies, children and teens, and creates beautiful and magical Murals and Wall Designs.

She has something for everyone, with her, you can find a design that fits your ideas for the nursery, bedroom, playroom or classroom. Choose whimsical murals with her, from jungle murals, princess murals, space murals, flowers murals, butterflies murals, fairies murals, farm murals, sports murals, and more.

Each wall, mural and paint that Monica creates, becomes unique and one of a kind like these exciting Music and Snowboard Skateboard Murals in a beautiful and playful teen boy´s bedroom, with colorful snowboards designs, dragons, sports and music figures and more.

Monica Yepes can create pastel or bright and vivid fun murals for your children´s room or playroom.

Kids’ rooms are the perfect place for a wall mural, with bright designs and delightful characters you can create an exciting new world and magical environment for them.

Remember: Wall Murals give a room special atmosphere and the feeling of expanded space, A full-sized wall mural can open up a room, giving the illusion of space and depth.

Make your kids playroom or kids bedroom come alive with Monica Yepes´ Art, like in this creative and original Music, Snowboard Skateboard Room Wall Design, the room was design and hand painted by her in Jupiter, Florida.

Snowboard Skateboard Mural – Colorful Hand Painted Murals in Children´s Rooms – Monica Yepes (Blu Yepes) – NYC – Children´s Muralist New York City